Social & Educational
Our professors are our fertility experts who help clubs grow & develop by nurturing our ideas of psychological futures.
Health & safety
Our kids’ health and safety risk, reduces with technology and pre-emptive measures. Both bonds begin in the home & on the street.
Economics & Culture
Our Public (Cops & Courts) & Private ( Citizens Worth & Nobility ) Partnership is a two-way street. Find out how to share the responsibility.


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What are Street Clubs?1f53059be9c3fe068a0ea12056060a48

Residents joining together on a street to solve proximity/area problems.

Where did they come from?

Emigrants and Immigrants coming to and relocating in America for freedom, were grouped in areas to live together with people of similar language and customs.

Q. What do they do for me? A. Proximity power.

Political, Social, Economic, Educational, Spiritual, Ethical, Cultural Power. Streetclubs USA has resources and information and uses these categories in all street club formation. These areas of interest for members are supported by college professors and professionals in these fields, for your use as a member. You can make your proximity safer, better, nicer, prosperous, beautiful, useful, helpful just full of good decent living. you can help others , too! you can save and donate money with your street club actively bettering of your street. Examples of neighborhood functions are:

Celebrations:house warmings’ , holidays, birthdays, commencement, weddings, baby showers, congratulations, cookouts, dances, babysitting.

Practical applications:potholes being fixed, fallen trees obstructing traffic, funerals, education tutoring, current events response, emergency, safety, finding companions. Economic equality:returning money to the street by buying vacant lots, building homes and selling or renting them, equipment and small business venture. investments and so much more.

How does Street Clubs work?

Membership! People join together on a street in a club design to solve problems. Then members of the club elect officers who are responsible for the jobs elected too. Together they administrate over the club with the members input. They hold meetings and conduct them according to the rules of order. In the meetings The mebership brings concerns and projects to the body. The projects concieved by the body are discussed and allocated to a membership committee who investigates the concerns or projects, and brings their findings to the next meeting. If the concerns need immediate attention a quorum can be called to fastrack a solution. A quorum is at least five members together physically and all available members virtually to a special meeting. The end result is all problems are confronted and dealt with in an acceptable time with measurable results.

What does the base, Streetclubs USA, do for the street clubs?

Offer sustainable positive change. Assist your street in creating a forum of functionality, a power base. The place where everybody wants to meet, the ” common place ” and improving your street. Providing recommendations, resources and opportunities. Opportunities In areas of education, economics, social reform, politics, and cultural diversity. Lastly, we offer an entrpeneurial exposure in the ability by putting their product or service next to the big stores and financial facilities. We offer members, the ability to shop online with stores from all over the world. And, for every dollar that’s spent, money is sent back to that street clubs treasury, for making the street a better place to live. Also the platform tor a voice of the community. One where community policing can be discussed with a policeman in street clothes sitting in a chair sipping ice tea, Or safety with beat cops who get to be members and meet with other members and spend time . That matters because we believe if cops knew kids from these casual meetings a situation like Tamir Rice would not have happened. If he had met Tamir he would have reacted differently, I believe. Or In case of emergencies when things can go out of control. Ex: emergency.

A women is being molested on 84th and a member of the street sees this attack. He first calls 911 then he calls the website alert line which lets police, fire and city workers who are online through their street club affiliation that the incident is taking place. Their advice injected directly and expeditiously into the scenario can save lives without them being there.
Or celebrations of flowers! Orleans Avenue can have flowers that West Park likes and they can exchange pictures, or emails and even visits. One of the members on
Or products and services they have to offer. they have to connect with the base.At the meetings members discuss what projects they want on their street and meet online to serve the needs of the residents of the designated street.